Questions for Roofing Contractors in Scranton

There are plenty of questions you should ask before you hire any roofing company in Scranton. With the information, you can decide who you will use and who you won’t. You want to make sure they are a good fit for your needs. Don’t pick one randomly and then hope it all turns out well. Spending time to gather the facts in advance can help it to go smoothly.

What are the Roofing Companies Credentials?

A combination of skills, dedication, and equipment allow someone to have a successful roofing company. Learn about their credentials including the background of the business. Who owns it and how long have they had it? How much has the business grown and how large is the crew that works for them?

In many locations, it is required for roofing contractors in Scranton to have a license in order to build. Verify that the roofing company does have one and it isn’t expired. You should also do your own homework and verify there isn’t a long list of complaints out there against them.

Safety Protocols

What steps does the business take to ensure overall safety? They should be concerned with the safety of all employees, your structure, and your surroundings. They should have insurance to cover any injuries or if there are any damages to your home that may occur while they complete the work.

Materials That Are Used

Which types of materials do the contractors in Scranton offer? What do they recommend for your structure? The roofers should take the slope of it, the location, and even the neighborhood into consideration. You need to confirm they will offer top quality materials that are useful for your type of roof.


What methods do the roofers use to remove old roofing materials and haul it away? Never assume they will do this for you! Some roofing contractors in Scranton can only add new materials on top of what already exists and that isn’t good business. Other roofers may remove the old materials but not haul it away for you. Confirm they will do so, never assume it is included.

A great roofing company should take care to protect your landscaping and other surroundings while the work is being done. Learn about the process they engage in to complete the work. This will help to reduce the risk of any stress or problems when the work is being done.

Current Jobs

How many current jobs do they have on their schedule? Is it possible for them to get you scheduled in a reasonable amount of time? If they were to come complete an inspection, could they realistically take on your job too? Roofers in Scranton shouldn’t spread themselves too thin because that can cause them to rush jobs or to be on a time delay.


Do the roofers offer any type of warranty for the work they will complete? While the materials the use may have one warranty on them, they may extend it to their work in a separate warranty. This can be a great way to have peace of mind that the work will be done well or they will be held accountable.

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